BackEmbrace is truly a “must have.” I use it during morning meditation and it makes a world of difference in how I set the tone of my day.”

Sarah N.

“BackEmbrace is an essential prop in my daily yoga program as it's a constant aid to maintaining good posture. It impacts the entire skeletal system in that it allows the lower body to follow the upper alignment. This product gets a solid five stars!”

Dennis Nehamen

“I tried several posture supports before finding BackEmbrace and they were a waste of money and didn’t work. I can tell you that BackEmbrace allows me to go about my day pain free, and I love the way it aligns my shoulders, upper back, and opens up my entire chest. I’m a big fan!

Meredith B.

“After longstanding posture issues, my doctor recommended BackEmbrace along with yoga and stretching. I was surprised that it actually felt good! It’s really supportive when I’m in front of the computer and prevents the hunching and strain I used to feel. Highly recommend it!”

Kaitlyn C.

“I don’t have any injuries or problems, I honestly just want better posture. I’ve been wearing BackEmbrace everyday now for the past few months and I’ve been telling everyone I’m an inch taller! Ha! But seriously, I feel fantastic, and I’m starting to feel the benefits 24/7.”

Matt K.

“I realized from photographs how I’ve been losing my posture over the years, and now as a 40-year-old mom of two, I wanted to improve my posture for my appearance and for my health. I’m so happy with the results I’ve gotten from BackEmbrace – the support feels so good.”

Tara M.

“I love my BackEmbrace. Just wearing it for an hour a day relieved tension in my shoulders and improved my posture. I feel stronger and more confident every time I put it on. It really does work!”

Dawn D.

“I started wearing BackEmbrace because I’ve had chronic shoulder pain. Within minutes after putting it on, not only did my posture improve, but the pain in my shoulder decreased dramatically. I highly recommend it to anyone that either has chronic pain or just wants to improve their posture. Great product!

Susan B.

“With BackEmbrace, I not only feel physically supported, but I also feel energetically lifted.

Aurelie D.

“I’ve been using BackEmbrace and I LOVE IT! I am impressed with how comfortable it is, after a couple of minutes I forget I am even wearing it. I also love how I can ware it underneath my clothes and my posture looks and feels amazing! I am very satisfied with the product.”

Katherine V.

“I ordered BackEmbrace because I’ve been told my whole life that I had horrible posture. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to assemble and how comfortable it was to wear! I’m excited to keep using BackEmbrace and put my bad posture behind me!”

Greg D.

“As a former gymnast, I know that poised posture is judged as a sign of confidence and grace. Now as a Doctor, I understand the biomechanics of proper posture for functional alignment of the jaw, rib cage, lower back, and even how the feet plant on the ground. Wearing the BackEmbrace provides a gentle lift that immediately opens the chest wall and reduces the feeling of anxiety, as well as the giving the appearance of confidence to the rest of the world. 

For those people who drive a lot, for those in wheelchairs, and for those who work at computers, this is a great solution to give them better posture and reduce the tension in their necks and shoulders. The fact that it has no metal parts and is packable makes it a no-brainer to wear for airplane travel. I honestly believe that wearing BackEmbrace, especially while working at computers and phones, is going to reduce the prevalence of "Tech Neck".”

Dr. Dani Olson